Helix Strike

Sever Squad Book Two

Book Cover: Helix Strike
Part of the Sever Squad series:

Sever squad went to rescue a missing VIP. Now they're broken up, hunted, and trapped on a planet filled with people, and worse, who want them dead.

Not that Sever would have it any other way.

Bashing their way into a fog-shrouded city, Aurora and her squad need to find the VIP and a way off-world before too many lasers burn through their armor. Getting the squad back together for the grand getaway proves tougher than expected, though, when Sever finds the secret behind the city.

Continuing the knock-down, drag-out sci fi action from Drop Zone, Helix Strike's relentless pace is packed with firefights, deadly twists, and characters that'll have you grinning as you turn the pages.

The mission isn't over yet: pick up Helix Strike and join Sever squad on their adventure today!

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Publisher: Black Key Books

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