One Shot

Davin's got some loot to sell and a lifetime of troubles to drown.

The Wild Nines head for Miner Prime, a space station with a knack for screwing up their plans. This time's no different, with a band of desperate attackers splitting up Davin's crew and taking hostages.

Viola has to pick a side, and finds that saving lives isn't as easy as taking them. Especially when those lives belong to her enemies.

The fighting sends Davin and Viola to Earth, where they'll have to overcome their greatest enemy yet, or watch their friends burn.

Publisher: Black Key Books

Mox flew out from between some stacks to the right of the thief, exoskeleton boosting his speed. The thief didn’t even have a chance to react before the metal man was holding the thief up by his neck. Viola caught up just as Mox was tearing Viola’s comm from the thief’s hand.

“Why?” Mox asked the thief. Viola had to agree. Comms were cheap, and the thief appeared to have one. The data on one could be valuable, she guessed, if the person was someone more important than Viola.

The thief turned his head to look at her, his eyes red from lack of sleep, wrinkled and speckled brown hair going gray despite the man’s apparent youthful athleticism.

“Watch,” the thief said, the respirator turning his words into more of a rasp. His eyes flickered up from Viola’s, looked over her shoulder, back the way they’d come.


The rumble came first. Then the flash, reflecting off of Miner Prime’s inner walls. Then the sound and, with it, the blast of heat. Viola turned to see a series of smoke clouds rising from the center of Vagrant’s Hollow. Three, four, and now more were going off. Bombs scattered throughout the level. Above them, the ceiling seemed to tear, ripping a hole in the false sky as another bomb blew through Miner Prime’s maintenance tunnels between the levels. Blocks of carbon fiber, bottoms glittering with projection lenses and tops holding mangled nests of wires, fell.

Miner Prime was being destroyed, with them on it.