On the day she is born, Bas is expected to fight for her life.

The Oratus, a warrior species bred to bring peace and order to the galaxy, do not start quietly. From her first moments, Bas is issued a challenge: climb to the top of the Mountain. If she makes it, Bas survives. If she doesn’t…

Getting to the Mountain and climbing it are no easy tasks, a journey made harder when Bas meets two other Oratus on the way and has to decide whether their claws make her quest harder, or if their efforts are the only way she can succeed. And, of course, she must prove her own worth to them, or she might be the one left behind in the dangerous wilds.

Oratus is an action-adventure prequel to The Skyward Saga, following the brutal first days of life for a species that knows nothing except war, survival, and the bonds forged in those moments.

If you’re looking for a quick, unique helping of sci-fi, alien action, pick up Oratus today and start your interstellar adventure!

Publisher: Black Key Books

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