Spirit’s End

Spirit's End - Book Three
Part of the Riven series:

All his life, Carver wanted to save Riven, the world of the dead. Now, to save those he loves, he has to destroy it.

With the Guides in shambles and Riven overrun with furious dead, Carver embarks on a final journey to try and keep the departed where they belong. Ending Riven’s growing threat, though, requires knowing how the world works, and who made it. Carver must journey through Riven’s dangerous history to find an answer.

But some secrets are kept for good reasons, and those who know Riven’s will do anything to keep them.

Spirit’s End is the devastating conclusion to The Riven Trilogy, a steampunk fantasy lost between worlds. Take one last walk with Carver and his friends as they battle ancient evils, unravel Riven’s final puzzle, and come together to save Earth from ruin.If you want a stirring conclusion to an action-drenched adventure that will take you beyond this mortal coil, grab Spirit’s End today and lose yourself in Carver’s quest.

Publisher: Black Key Books

A guide stood in the middle of those clutching hands, snarling mouths, and wild eyes. Alec bounced from one spirit to the next, delivering a series of short jabs with the ridged gauntlets that cloaked his fists and forearms. Spikes on those gauntlets burned with blue fire that enveloped every spirit they touched and torched away the anger showing in those dead eyes. Pacified them and sent the spirits on their final walk to the Cycle.

It would’ve been easy to watch that dance, to stay back and admire Alec as he wrangled one spirit after another. Only we could see the toll. Cuts appeared here and there as one hand or another swung a lucky swipe. A sidestep that dodged one sloppy tackle led Alec into another spirit’s bite. Being outnumbered in Riven was a death sentence, no matter how good the guide.


Selena and I waded in on either side. I struck with the lash first, sending its pointed tip out and wrapping around a spirit reaching for Alec’s back. The lash looped around the spirit’s arm and its point bit into his shoulder. The spirit, a posh gentleman in a suit that looked as though he came directly from a wedding, turned and snarled at me. His eyes burned with the pale fire, a lost mind.

I twisted the hilt of my lash and fire erupted along the cord, blue flames that matched the hue of the spirit’s eyes. As the spirit lunged towards me, the fire caught up to his body and wrapped him in its purifying burn. I felt his hand touch my shoulder, but rather than rend, it fell away and I looked up into a vacant stare. The empty eyes of a pacified spirit.

“Your arrival is most fortunate.” Alec dodged another spirit, delivering three swift strikes to its middle and sending it stumbling away, wreathed in a wrangling blue glow. “I have a tablet, and it is very nearly ready.”

I glanced Selena’s way and saw her with her cleaver in one hand and a knife in the other, dashing between spirits and severing their anger with stab after stab. A beautiful storm, a partner that I’d never realized I had next to me. I did not know where Selena found her ability, but watching her carve her way through those grasping arms and spitting mouths filled me with a kind of pride, a love that comes only from seeing the one you care about most exceeding your wildest hopes.

Yes, watching the love of my life carve up a bunch of dead spirits was the highlight of my day. I lived a strange life.

“Back away,” Alec called. I looked as the guide pulled a tablet off of his belt, a stone block with a sapphire set in the middle. A sapphire that glowed a deep blue, ready to fulfill its mission. To close the breach and drive the remaining spirits away. Alec put it down on the ground and pressed in on the sapphire as two more spirits reached for his back.

Blue tendrils lanced out from the tablet, striking through the spirits and wreathing them in fire. Others shot towards the edge of the breach, seeming to dive into the ground and pull the portal closed. And then Selena tugged at my arm, pulling me away.

“We’ve got to run,” Selena said. “If that thing gets us, we’re gone.”

My legs kicked into gear and we sprinted away down the alley. I’d forgotten. I was a spirit now. That tablet would destroy me as surely as it had our enemies. So many rules I had to relearn.

“Thanks,” I said. “I’m not used to it.”

“Pretty sure it was you who told me that Riven doesn’t give second chances,” Selena said. “That I had to keep watching my back.”

“Not as long as you’re around,” I said. Selena rolled her eyes.

I looked back down the alley and saw nothing left of the portal. Only Alec, picking up the tablet. Content spirits staring at nothing. In another minute or two they would shuffle off and start a days-long journey to a mountain west of the city. Into cave and down to its depths, where they would find the Cycle, a great blue lake.

Each and every one of those spirits would drop in and erase themselves from existence.