Kaishi thinks the thing that crashed from the stars is the answer to her prayers. It has other ideas.

Caught between warring factions, Kaishi and her tribe face extinction. When a burning meteor lights up the night, Kaishi investigates and finds a voice with answers for everything, with secrets that could let Kaishi save her people. All Kaishi has to do is promise to follow Its orders.

But all promises have a price… unknown to Kaishi, a hunter comes from across the stars, seeking to take away Kaishi’s newfound hopes. A living weapon, this creature has one goal: kill what Kaishi found, and all who have touched it.

Starshot is the first book The Skyward Saga, a completed sci-fi adventure series that features mind-bending alien encounters, far-future action, devious villains, and a heroine that won’t stop fighting.

If you like fast-paced, action-driven science fiction with a new twist on the alien encounter story, you’ll love A.R. Knight’s Starshot and the entire Skyward Saga.

Grab Starshot and start your interstellar adventure today!

Publisher: Black Key Books

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