The Cycle

Carver thought he’d saved the world from the endless dead, but as Earth tries to find peace, a new threat targets the guides themselves, and Carver’s first on its list.

With WW1 still raging away, lost souls continue to pour into Riven, filling its world to bursting. The Guides, charged with cleansing those dead, are stretched thin even before a mysterious enemy begins tearing them apart. Carver must hunt down the monster before it destroys the guides, allowing the dead to break the barrier between worlds.

The Cycle is the second book in The Riven Trilogy, a steampunk fantasy set during a twisted World War One. With snappy characters you’ll grow to love, a unique world, and fast-paced action, Carver’s attempt to save the only family he knows will have you turning the pages all the way to the end.

If you’re looking to dive into a dark, exciting story, pick up The Cycle today and vanish into Riven’s mysterious, magical world.

Publisher: Black Key Books

Bryce lay down in the bed and concentrated. I saw his eyes close and waited for his body to fade. But he didn’t. Bryce sat there, in full form. After several minutes passed and Bryce still hadn’t left us, I moved over. Took a close look. He breathed evenly, he hadn’t sustained wounds. There shouldn’t be any difficulty. Then his eyes popped open.

“They’re blocking my way back,” Bryce said.

“What?” I said.

“My body,” Bryce said. “They’re keeping it asleep. With drugs. I felt it as I crossed back, I felt myself slipping away into a dream. If I let that happen, that I might never get back here. I might never wake up.”

“Alec,” I said, turning to my friend. “If he can’t cross, then we have to save him on the other side. Break him free. You’re the only one that can do it.”


“I don’t think they’ll let me into the hospital, not after this,” Alec said.

“Hey,” Selena said from over the by the doors. “There are noises outside. I’m hearing guides talk. I think they’re planning something.”

I went over to the door while Alec and Bryce tried to talk strategy. Tried to look between the doors outside, but all I could see was shifting gray and a bit of the fountain. A burst of orange. A smell of smoke. I looked around us at the wood and stone chamber and realized the guides didn’t have any interest in fighting us. They were going to burn us down.