The Metal Man

The Metal Man - Mercenaries Trilogy Prequel
Part of the Wild Nines series:

Is it worth losing everything you are to get revenge for the ones you love?

Mox has a good gig going as a guard on Luna, the Moon's main metropolis. He's got respect, he's got a date on the calendar, heck, he's even got a nice red cape to wear.

Then a common criminal proves to be nothing but, and suddenly Mox is tossed into disaster. On the brink of despair, Mox must make a choice that will forever change his future.

The Metal Man is a short story prequel set in the Wild Nines universe.

Publisher: Black Key Books

Mox started back, swung his rifle up and pointed the barrel at her face. Her eyes looked up at him, her mouth set in the straight, fierce line. Mox noticed her arms. Trapped beneath her fallen body, they looked like they were holding something.

“Tonight I die for a cause,” said the woman in a whisper. “Will you?”