The Metal Man

After a disaster on the Moon, Mox’s search for strength brings him to a dangerous scientist and a choice between the life Mox knows and the vengeance he desires.

The Moon. Now a sprawling city, dependent on its sealed domes for life. Mox handles security, and security is falling apart. To save his home, the people he loves, Mox has to find a better way. Even if taking that road might cost him everything.

The Metal Man is a sci-fi action prequel to The Wild Nines, running alongside Mox as he faces the most difficult choices in his life, the crucible that forges one of the most formidable mercenaries in the solar system.

If you’re looking for a new adventure with fascinating characters in a not-so-far future, start your Wild Nines journey with The Metal Man today!

Publisher: Black Key Books

Mox started back, swung his rifle up and pointed the barrel at her face. Her eyes looked up at him, her mouth set in the straight, fierce line. Mox noticed her arms. Trapped beneath her fallen body, they looked like they were holding something.

“Tonight I die for a cause,” said the woman in a whisper. “Will you?”