The Riven Trilogy Box Set

Book Cover: The Riven Trilogy Box Set
Part of the Riven series:

Being the dead's most desired man, it turns out, sucks.

Carver's burning his days doing Guide work, patrolling Riven and helping its lost souls find their way while, back on Earth, World War One ratchets up the lives waiting for Carver's help. Problem is, those lives don't like waiting around, and when a new, angrier soul starts gathering the dead and directing them at Carver, being a Guide goes from dangerous to deadly real fast.

But why Carver, and why now? With his fellow Guides, Carver has to figure out why he's been marked and how to get the souls off his back, all while keeping Riven from spilling over. Because if the dead get back to Earth, life's going to have an unpleasant end.

Solving Carver's mystery brings the Guides through danger and disaster, both in Riven and back among the living, where forces see Carver as a fatal solution to Riven's growing problem. With enemies on all sides, Carver has to pull together unlikely allies and fast friends to try and save both himself and Riven from ruin.

The Riven Trilogy is an action-filled steampunk fantasy set during an alternate history of World War One. Packed with intriguing characters, deadly machinations, and rollicking adventure, The Riven Trilogy will take you on a story you've never seen before, in this world or the next.

If you're looking for a new, gripping trilogy, pick up this box set today and join Carver in the fight for Riven's survival!

Publisher: Black Key Books

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