The Spear

What is a warrior without his weapon?

After his band subdues an enemy village, Malo takes his eyes off a skilled captive and loses his spear when she vanishes into the jungle night. Charged by his commander to recover the weapon or never return, Malo sets off in search of the thieving girl.

What follows is a soul-searching journey as Malo finds the chance to make amends for his people’s destructive war, while learning that a warrior without a weapon can still fight for a righteous cause.

A prequel to The Skyward Saga, The Spear is an action-adventure story that dives deep into the jungle to find Malo’s true heart. Whether you’ve read The Skyward Saga and want to spend more time with one of its great characters, or want to start a brand new adventure, The Spear will give you what you’re looking for.

Pick The Spear off the shelf and start your adventure today!

Publisher: Black Key Books

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