Triple Shot: The Wild Nines Books 1-3 Box Set

Book Cover: Triple Shot: The Wild Nines Books 1-3 Box Set
Part of the The Wild Nines series:

A few drinks, a couple unexpected murders, and now Davin and his crew are the most wanted band in the Solar System.

Running security on an isolated Europa outpost should have been easy, but when a surprise inspection puts Davin and the Wild Nines on the wrong side of both the law and the lawbreakers, the mercenary crew has to fight and fly with all they've got to stay alive.

Soon Davin's making deals and blasting double-crossers as he tries to uncover the plot behind the murders, and find who's setting up his crew. The Wild Nines dash from Earth to Neptune and back again, searching for answers with sarcastic smiles and quick trigger fingers.

What lies at the mystery's end, though, is something Davin and his crew don't expect. What all their cocky quips and stick-jockey piloting can't account for. To save their lives, clear their names, and bring sanity back to the Solar System, the Wild Nines will have to become what they never wanted to be:


Triple Shot brings together the first three Wild Nines novels and a prequel short story into an action-packed box set that lets you enjoy this space opera adventure from start to finish. If you're looking for a new adventure with a colorful cast and a new take on a sci-fi future, give Triple Shot a look today!

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