The City of Brass – An Enchanting Journey Through Lands Little Explored

I have to say, up front, that I saw ‘The City of Brass‘ on book shelves quite a few times before I took the plunge and picked it up on a wayward trip through Traverse City, MI (shout-out to Horizon Books!). Its cover always gripped me, with its mysterious golden fire and Arabic stylings, but […]

The Current Reading List

Books find their way to my shelf (both virtual and physical) through a combination of random bookstore visits – supporting independent shops I encounter on my travels is a compulsive habit – and donations from friends and family who shovel hordes of pages my way as if they get a tax write-off for the act. […]

Meddling Kids and Reimagining Classics

Scooby-Doo, that classic mystery cartoon involving a dog and his sleuthing pals, makes for a tempting adaption target. There’s a genre, mystery, baked into the premise, a cast of interesting characters, and even an animal with a personality – there’s a reason the animated series has been around in some form or another since 1969. […]

That’s One Way to Write A God – Neil Gaiman’s “Norse Mythology”

Putting a god of any kind into fiction, written or otherwise, is a difficult proposition – after all, these are supposedly beings with such incredible gifts that they are above anything humans could ever approach. Despite this, stories involving gods often write them with human concerns and motivations. As though the issues we face are the same […]