On With The Adventure – Drop Zone Drops

It’s another Friday, and Ashe slept well last night, which is about as good a start to the day as it gets around these parts. Drop Zone, the first novel in a new, fun little series I’m playing with, hits next week on Tuesday (the 28th for those more calendar-oriented). It’s a sci-fi action piece, […]

Office Coffee: A biased, unscientific ranking

It’s about time, folks, for a reckoning. Since just about the dawn of man, the office has served as the domain for BUSINESS. The important stuff. Where the cheese gets made. It’s also where coffee goes to die. So, without further adieu, here are my office coffee rankings: 10. The old-style drip coffee pot Ah […]

Carnival Row and the Fantasy Buffet

Who wouldn’t want to see Tinkerbell as a vengeful murder-fairy? After watching Carnival Row, which attempts to disguise its true colors under a character menagerie and mysterious deaths, it’s clear the show really just wants to let its pixie denizens loose on the humans and other creatures merely inhabiting its world. That global, fairy-led revolution […]