Todoist – A solid blend of features and function

I’ll say it straight up – Todoist, and specifically Todoist PRO (not all that expensive at a yearly rate) is my current task list of choice. It’s not perfect, for reasons I’ll get into, but of the forces on this particular battlefield, it has the best overall blend of tools and ease of use for […]

Google Tasks – The Integration Almost Gets There

Believe it or not, but creative projects are much like all other projects in life. Writing a novel consists of a number of steps, and writing a novel on schedule requires completing those steps by the deadline. You can’t just wake up, pour some bourbon in your coffee and expect epiphanies to stroll in through […]

Blast’Em Episode 1: Insertion

What follows is the start of a weekly serial detailing the strange and ridiculous exploits of a bunch of far-future mercenaries. New, short episodes every Friday afternoon – welcome to the world of ‘Blast’em’! He called her the wrong name. Twice. So Aurora whipped her hand back, and sent it crashing against the grunt’s face. […]

Shoveling the Driveway: A Review

Let’s get this out of the way first: shoveling the driveway offers an immediate, satisfying payoff that’s hamstrung by inconvenient timing and poor conditions. That might sound damning, but as with most things, it’s about perspective. I’ve been experiencing this activity for going on 25 years now – since I was old enough to hold […]