Insertion Part Nine: Sideline

Three shots. Count’em. And Aurora said Eponi didn’t do enough when Sever started fights. Not that those three shots — blistering bolts fired from the small spitter DefenseCorp regulations made Eponi carry — seemed to bother the swamp creature. Sever’s pilot watched from the front nose of the drop shuttle, steadily losing its war against […]

Insertion Part Six: Into the Fog

Aurora heard Rovo’s warning call and responded with habit, “Set them up and let them loose.” Three Severs sat at the back in their crash harnesses, and each of them pressed a small button under their right hand. The ceiling of the shuttle held drop-down screens hanging from metal bars. The displays swung right in […]

Blast’Em Episode 1: Insertion

What follows is the start of a weekly serial detailing the strange and ridiculous exploits of a bunch of far-future mercenaries. New, short episodes every Friday afternoon – welcome to the world of ‘Blast’em’! He called her the wrong name. Twice. So Aurora whipped her hand back, and sent it crashing against the grunt’s face. […]