Batman – Gotham City Under Siege – Impressions

You might be looking at the title for this post and wondering what’s going on, and the reality is… I’m trying to redefine what’s going on the blog. Monday’s are my upcoming writing breakdown, Wednesdays are going to be me chatting about some media I’m playing with, and Friday, well, that’s a grab-bag. Also, if […]

Pandemic Legacy (S1) – A Midseason Report

Before you get worried, don’t. I shall not spoil this board game, which, arguably, began the increasingly popular trend of turning tabletop entertainment into TV series. Rather than a repeatable setup meant to tell a new story every time, Pandemic Legacy and its ilk instead endeavor to tie some measure of every game’s actions to […]

Doom and Organic Storytelling

Yes. You’re reading that correctly. First, a definition: Organic storytelling is, essentially, the opposite of plotting. It’s what happens if you throw a bunch of ingredients together and sit back to see what they do. A rowdy bunch of dwarves into a crowded tavern, say, or a terrifying disease released into a sealed, populated space […]

The First Haunt in Betrayal: Legacy is a Perfect Introduction

Board games as a medium compete for our entertainment time and dollars against the whiz-bang effects of movies and video games, the melodrama and binge-worthy serials on TV, and offer up as a hazard the general adult difficulty of getting people physically together in a room to do something other than gripe about their jobs […]

Sidereal Confluence: Alien Shoutfest

Say the name. Speak it aloud. The very syllables conjure up digital armies of robots in a technocratic future where Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and the Terminator all beam themselves into your every dream. In today’s world, however, Sidereal Confluence is only a board game. And I use the word “Board” loosely here – as […]

Failing the First Mission in Gloomhaven

The tutorial: a gloved hand that guides you through the systems of anything reasonably complex. Some come in the form of step-by-step written guides, others arrive via talking, animated paper clips. Still more attempt to throw you directly into the situation, gradually escalating the complexity and hoping you catch on. Gloomhaven, a massive board game, […]

Harry Potter and the Continual Quest

Most board games are one-and-done affairs – you might replay them, but the starting ‘board state’ is going to be the same every time. Monopoly always starts with everyone as middle-class, vagrant pieces. Risk has people’s armies scattered across the globe like some terrifying tornado swept up whole countries and flung them about at unknowable […]

Bob Ross and the Art of Chill – A Boardgame that Actually Exists

Gag gifts. Those things given for laughs that, often, become nothing more than Goodwill fodder after the mirth has fallen away. Bob Ross: The Art of Chill Game, given to me by my brother-in-law for Christmas, is not a gag gift. Or rather, it is, but one with substance. Not a lot, but even a small bit […]

Conquer the Galaxy – Star Wars Rebellion and a Board Game Feast

There are board games, just like there are stories, at every level of scale. Some put you in control of a single piece with one ability – often just being able to move in a direction. Others give you mountains of rules, pieces, and options and it’s up to you to parse what to do […]