Rakers Week 7 – The Seventh Novel

It’s strange to type this, but Rakers is my seventh novel. Going back, to college, high school and before, there’s always been (as I feel most people would say about their dreams) this outward belief that I’d write a novel “someday”. That belief would be accompanied by a silent, smaller, infinitely more honest voice expressing doubt. Stating […]

Rakers Week 5 – Taking Leaps

One of the crazy beautiful things about writing fiction is that you can literally go anywhere with your words. It’s something movies, paintings, and most other forms of art can’t do. There’s nothing stopping you from writing a novel about a talking plant, or a series of mysteries as solved through the eyes of a […]

Rakers Week 4 – Thrillers Vs. Space Opera

So I’m labeling Rakers as a “thriller” as opposed to a “space opera”, which is the genre for Wild Nines and its sequels. There are obvious reasons for this, namely that Rakers doesn’t take place in space. But also more subtle ones – namely, Rakers has more suspense. More mysteries. There are points of view on both sides, as in Wild Nines, but […]

Rakers Week 3 – The Evolution of an Idea

There is a question at the heart of Rakers that I won’t spoil here and that, frankly, doesn’t get explicitly answered in the novel. I’m not sure I want to definitively answer it in the series as a whole either, because some queries don’t have clearcut choices. When I started thinking about the book, this question did […]

What’s next: Rakers – a sci fi thriller of sorts

See that up there? Rakers? That’s a title. A title I’ve changed three times now since I started writing the book. I’ve talked before about how titles can change all the time, but man, it’s been work with this one. Mostly in response to the number of other books that shared my original titles. Think of […]