World Transition – or moving into a new series and forgetting the old

There’s a strange sort of lag time when you finish a work – there’s editing, covers and formatting, and then uploading it to stores and finally a launch. All throughout that time, which could be weeks (or months, depending on your process and amount of caffeine), the writer (using myself as an example) might be […]

A Definitive vs. Open Ending

Today I finished wrapping up the last book in the Riven trilogy – it’s going through the editing/formatting/cover and whatnot stuff now, but should be making it’s way out soon. Beyond pesky things like genre and setting, the differences between my first trilogy (Wild Nines) and this one are, namely, that Wild Nines ends with room for the future. […]

Choosing the Weapons – Five bits to keep in mind when deciding how your hero will vanquish their enemies

Take just about any action-based property and you’ll find, somewhere within it, an iconic weapon. A lightsaber in Star Wars. Frodo’s glowing dagger in The Lord of the Rings. Harry’s wand in Harry Potter. Ash’s ‘boomstick’ in the Evil Dead series. So on and so forth. Because of the outsized place a weapon holds as a hero’s instrument of justice […]

Riven launches, and building its world

Riven, a novel in which space wizards attempt to prevent the apocalypse by splitting the sun (not really. but eventually?), launches today. Like most fantasy or science fiction, it occupies a world that’s to some degree built upon reality, ideas that came before, and bunches of frenetic hallucinating that resulted in the setting for the […]

‘Space Bear’ and the Working Title

Ah, Space Bear. I’m looking forward to the film, and, potentially, so are you. It’s other, far less interesting, title is ‘The Last Jedi’. Admittedly, Rian Johnson and the rest of the people making that movie never thought it would be formally titled ‘Space Bear’, which would be awesome, but it shall serve, nontheless, as […]