Blast’Em Episode 1: Insertion

What follows is the start of a weekly serial detailing the strange and ridiculous exploits of a bunch of far-future mercenaries. New, short episodes every Friday afternoon – welcome to the world of ‘Blast’em’! He called her the wrong name. Twice. So Aurora whipped her hand back, and sent it crashing against the grunt’s face. […]

Bradbury’s Final Victim and the Earned Twist

Back again with another random walk through Ray Bradbury’s early short fiction, because that’s what happens during rainy Wisconsin summers: we pull out Golden Age stories and imagine ourselves into interplanetary peril. Final Victim is a longer story, spending more time developing cross sections between a bunch of characters, from the morally dubious but untouchable lawman Jim […]

Raymond Carver’s Where I’m Calling From

The past couple of posts have been about shorts, namely stories for anthologies. However much you can learn by writing them, though, it’s best to complement your own scribblings with those of a master. At least, a master of the short form. Carver might not write science fiction, might not explore the elven realms of […]

Anthology Week: Why Writing Short Helps You Write Long

One of the most difficult concepts an artist of any kind must confront is that of completion. That the outpouring of random thoughts into story, or painting, or composition can, at some point, be done. Not perfect, mind you, because perfection is a ghoul of an idea that will haunt your steps and rob you of confidence at […]

Anthology Week: Finding Opportunities

See that picture above? That cover belongs to an anthology, a nifty alternative to collection, that yours truly happens to have a story in. Unlike, say, entering a contest by texting a number, anthologies typically require a bit of effort on the part of the writer. I’d think it would be rare, even if you’re a […]