A Definitive vs. Open Ending

Today I finished wrapping up the last book in the Riven trilogy – it’s going through the editing/formatting/cover and whatnot stuff now, but should be making it’s way out soon. Beyond pesky things like genre and setting, the differences between my first trilogy (Wild Nines) and this one are, namely, that Wild Nines ends with room for the future. […]

Side Projects

Wild Nines came out last January, and the trilogy wrapped up in March, so what’s it doing here topping this blog post? Because, even though I’m writing mainly on Riven now to finish out that series, I’m making time for shorter projects. That means novellas, short stories (like the one in The Officer anthology) and such. Writing in these styles, […]

Launching from the other side of the World

So One Shot launches today – sending the trilogy that started with Wild Nines into completion. I’m writing this from Vietnam, on the other side of the world, without a full-time ‘normal’ job at home to come back to. Without wasting words – it’s pretty amazing to look at my little author profile and see all three books there. […]

Wrapping up the Trilogy

Earlier this week I wrapped the final sentence on the first draft of One Shot, the third and final novel in the Mercenaries Trilogy that started with Wild Nines. While I’ll have more to say about finally closing down a trilogy, I’m focusing today’s post on a concept that’s both understood but also applied sporadically. That […]